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Why Blood sugar check up with your GP is so important?

Blood sugar check up with your GP.
Blood sugar check up with your GP.

Soaring over the majestic Blue Mountains on a sunny afternoon is a delight. The view, for lack of a better word, is breath-taking.

Almost inevitably, thoughts about important things arise—family, loved ones, friends, and for some, the meaning of life. (I kindly ask those from the Monty Python generation not to laugh.)

Health is one of the aspects that crossed my mind. Should I make better choices about what I eat? Consider a slight reduction in my drink intake? Maybe go for an extra walk?

Yet, adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t the sole key to maintaining well-being.

A schedule of check-ups exists for various life stages. These check-ups aren’t mere imaginings of an overly cautious health enthusiast. The schedule results from painstaking research, succinctly summarized by none other than The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

And so, we embark on a series of articles outlining what each person should do and when.

Today, let’s begin with a simple topic—blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar, or glucose, is the fuel that our bodies use for energy.

When blood sugar is too high, it can cause problems for our blood vessels and overall health. Imagine your blood vessels as small pipes. High sugar levels over time can damage these pipes, making them narrow and less flexible. This can lead to problems like heart disease, stroke, and damage to organs like the kidneys and eyes.

Keeping blood sugar within the normal range is crucial for maintaining good health and preventing these issues. It involves making smart choices about what we eat, being physically active, and, if necessary, taking medications as advised by your doctor. Regular check-ups help catch any problems early, ensuring a healthier future.

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