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We bulk bill our patients for most of our General Practice services. Some practices charge significant out-of-pocket fees on top of Medicare rebates.

It is harder and harder to find a bulk billing GP. Some individual patients and families are struggling to pay bills. They have to make hard choices. Sometimes people delay care out of fear of costs.

Not many people know about the Safety net. Medicare safety net returns more money to those who have already spent a certain amount on private medical fees.

For example. Your family attended privately billing doctors and paid $2,249.80. Medicare will cover all private fees that are paid over that amount. The same applies to individuals. The threshold for individuals is the same $2,249.80.

All medical services are covered. That includes CT scans, X-rays and even Medicare psychology services.

Patients must register for the Safety net with Medicare using the myGov portal or by calling 132011. You do not need to register if you are an individual, but couples and families must register. More information on how to register for the Safety Net is here.

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