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Why should I see a Doctor/GP (General Practitioner)?

Your local doctor can be your confidante, someone you can talk to about anything. Everything you
talk to them about is private and confidential unless you give your consent for them to talk to
someone else about your problems.
Your doctor can help you with medical problems you already have or can help you from
developing new medical problems (preventive care). They can help you get healthy and teach you how to stay healthy.
Your doctor can treat a wide range of common medical conditions, but if you need to see a
Specialist doctors for more specific treatment can write a referral for you to see another
If you have an emergency, your doctor will see you straight away (during clinical hours) or if you
have an urgent medical condition and need to go to the hospital, your doctor can arrange this for
you. If you have an accident or emergency outside of clinical hours, you should always call an
ambulance (Telephone 000) or go to the emergency department at a hospital.
Your local doctor can write you a script for medications.
If you are unsure if you have a problem or are just not feeling well, you should talk to your local doctor.
Some medical conditions you could see your doctor about:
• Colds and flu
• Headaches or Migraines
• Weight problems
• Hair Loss (men and women)

• Pregnancy and fertility matters
• General aches and pains
• Asthma and allergies
• Diabetes
• Infections, including chest infections and urinary tract infections
• Immunisations, including flu vaccines, childhood and travel vaccinations
• Acute injuries, burns and wound management
• Sadness, depression and anxiety
• Women’s health issues, including PMS, menopause and hormone replacement therapy
• Men’s health issues, including prostate problems
Other matters you might like to talk to your doctor about:
• Your elderly parents, who may be needing more help than you can offer
• Your children, who may be experiencing difficulties at school or are reaching puberty
• Your baby, who may not be eating or sleeping as well as you would like

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