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Understanding Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is a widespread health concern affecting millions worldwide. It encompasses both anemia and non-anemic conditions, with various factors contributing to its development.

Causes of Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency can stem from increased physiological iron requirements, inadequate dietary intake, impaired absorption, heavy periods or chronic blood loss. Certain demographics, such as children, adolescents, and pregnant women, are particularly susceptible.

Physiological Adaptations

The body adapts to low iron levels by increasing iron uptake and retention at the tissue level. Systemically, the hormone hepcidin is suppressed, facilitating iron release into the bloodstream by absorptive enterocytes and recycling macrophages.

Diagnosis and Management

Although diagnosing iron deficiency is usually straightforward, but inflammatory conditions can complicate assessment. Treatment involves addressing both the deficiency and its underlying cause. Caution is warranted, especially in regions with endemic infections like malaria, to prevent exacerbating the condition.

Optimising Iron Therapy

Efforts are underway to improve iron supplementation protocols, aiming to mitigate common adverse effects associated with oral iron intake. Luckily, intravenous (IV) iron has emerged as an effective alternative, particularly in cases where oral supplementation is inadequate or poorly tolerated.

Safety Considerations

Contrary to previous concerns, evidence suggests that IV iron does not significantly increase the risk of infection or cardiovascular disease. However, rare adverse reactions may occur, emphasizing the importance of careful monitoring during treatment.

Q: Do I need a referral for iron infusions at Mentone General Practice?

A: No, you do not need a referral. However, you must consult our doctor before proceeding with the iron infusion. Our doctor will carefully consider all the pros and cons, including possible benefits and side effects.

Q: I am not a patient of this clinic. Can I have an iron infusion at Mentone General Practice?

A: Yes, you can. Being a patient here is not a requirement for receiving an iron infusion.

Q: Do you have appointments available for iron infusions now?

A: Generally, we do have appointments available immediately for iron infusions.


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