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Our Fees
Mentone General Practice is a bulk billing clinic, so if you have a Medicare card, there will be no charge for most visits to see your doctor. You may however be charged a private fee for vaccines and there will be a $20 out of pocket cost for some procedures and $150 – $180 out of pocket cost for minor surgeries. Where an out of pocket cost is incurred, you will be charged the full amount privately and we will send the claim to Medicare for you if the invoice is paid on the day.
If you are not eligible for a Medicare card, you will be charged a private fee, which must be paid at the time of your consult: Standard Consult $85 and Long Consult $130.
Medical Reports will incur an out of pocket cost, depending on the complexity of the report. Other types of consultations will be charged at the discretion of your doctor, as applicable.

Workcover fees

All fees for Workcover related attendances need to be paid to the clinic at the time of the consultation. Later on, patients may submit the receipts to their respective insurers.

The fees for Workcover attendances are:

Standard consultation $85 (reimbursement $65.28, gap $19.72)

Long consultation $155 (reimbursement $119.68, gap $35.32)

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