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Fertility After IUD Removal: What You Need to Know

Removing an intrauterine device (IUD) to try for pregnancy is a common practice among women. A recent study aimed to understand the fertility outcomes of 208 women who had previously used an IUD. The results showed that 88% of these women successfully became pregnant after IUD removal, with most conceiving within three months.

The average duration of IUD use was 29.8 months for those who became pregnant and 25.1 months for those who did not. The women’s average age was 27.6 in the group that achieved pregnancy. Interestingly, 28.4% of the pregnancies occurred naturally and resulted in live births, including seven cases of multiple births.

It’s worth noting that 10.4% of the women opted for induced abortions. The study also suggested the need for further investigation into whether the use of medicated IUDs versus non-medicated ones affects conception rates differently.

Overall, this research indicates that the ability to conceive and the outcome of pregnancy are not significantly affected by the removal of an IUD.

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