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Did you know you could get Folate B9 injections at Mentone General Practice?

Up to 5% of people are folate deficient. The low levels of folic acid may be caused by poor diet, alcohol consumption, stressful lifestyle, chronic illness and genetic factors.

Scientific studies show that intramuscular injection is the best way to get folate into the body. That is, if the dietary folate intake fails.

Doctors at Mentone General Practice administer folate (B9) injections when appropriate.

Interestingly, the injections are cheaper than oral supplementation – tablets. Normally, patients would need only a couple of injections a year.

Please, call Mentone General Practice to make an appointment. (03) 9583 6996

Topic: Folate, folic acid, B9 injections in Mentone, Bayside, Melbourne.

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