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Green tea has been found to be good for us and is believed may help with things like cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and diseases that damage the brain.

Most of these claims are yet to be confirmed by research.

However, there are health problems that green tea can help with, along with the medicines prescribed by doctors.

Scientists have conducted experiments on cells, animals, and people that show green tea and a part called EGCG can help stop inflammation in the body. In this study, the scientists looked at other research done on people, cells, and animals to see if green tea/EGCG could be helpful in preventing and treating diseases that cause inflammation. They found that green tea/EGCG can be good for us and help with these diseases. This is because it can stop harmful substances in our body that cause inflammation.

Following the discovery of the anti-inflammatory effects of green tea, various pharmaceutical companies began to manufacture concentrated extracts of green tea. The extract can deliver hundreds of times more EGCG than a cup of green tea.

Just like anything else, green tea must be taken in moderation. There is some risk of liver damage should one overdose on green tea supplements.

It is important to remember that the best starting point of any health journey is a GP. Your trusted local doctor can refer you to tests, offer advice and prescribe medications.


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