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Implanon has several advantages, making it a popular choice for women who want a reliable and hassle-free contraceptive method. Its 99.95% contraceptive effectiveness is almost as good as female sterilization, but with the added advantage of being reversible.

Implanon only needs to be implanted once, and its contraceptive effectiveness is not affected by user compliance. This is particularly beneficial for women who have difficulty remembering to take birth control pills or are intolerant of oral contraceptives.

The range of uses for Implanon is also relatively wide. Breastfeeding mothers, women over 40 years old, and people with uterine fibroids can safely use Implanon. It is also suitable for women with cardiovascular risk factors like smoking, obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Finally, fertility is restored quickly after the implant is removed, and women can get the implant removed at any time if they want to become pregnant again.

All these advantages make Implanon an attractive option for women who want a reliable, long-term contraceptive method that requires minimal user compliance and has a wide range of uses. However, discussing the potential side effects and risks with a healthcare provider before deciding to use Implanon is important.

Topic: Implanon insertion and removal in Mentone, Cheltenham and Parkdale.

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