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Benefits of MyMedicare:

  1. It’s free and voluntary to join MyMedicare.
  2. Your chosen practice will receive additional government funding to provide better care.
  3. MyMedicare patients get:
    • More consistent care with your registered practice leads to better health outcomes.
    • Longer Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) telehealth consultations with your GP.
    • Triple bulk billing incentive for extended MBS telehealth consultations for children under 16, pensioners, and concession card holders starting November 1, 2023. That applies only to 1 Medicare item.
    • More regular visits from your GP and improved care planning for those in residential aged care homes, beginning in August 2024.
    • Connections to appropriate care in general practice for frequent hospital visitors starting in mid-2024.

Eligibility for MyMedicare:

  1. You’re eligible if you have a Medicare card or a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Veteran Card.
  2. For practices in remote locations (MMM 6 and 7), you need one face-to-face visit in the previous 24 months. For other practices, you need two face-to-face visits.
  3. People facing hardship, like domestic violence victims or the homeless, are exempt from these requirements.

Registering for MyMedicare:

  1. You can register starting October 1, 2023, at your chosen practice.
  2. Your practice must be registered in MyMedicare before you can register.
  3. Three ways to register: a. Start the process in your Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare Mobile app. Practice staff will complete the registration. b. Your practice may initiate the registration or do it for you, which you can complete in the app. c. Fill out a registration form at your practice and give consent for MyMedicare participation.

Your MyMedicare registration doesn’t limit you from seeking care elsewhere. Key benefits and incentives are linked to your registered practice. Both you and your practice must provide consent for successful registration.

Your chosen practice and GP will be visible on your My Health Record to ensure better communication with healthcare professionals.

You can register with either your Medicare card or DVA Veteran Card, but you can only have one registration.

For those in Residential Aged Care Homes, new incentives will be available in 2024 to enhance proactive visits and care planning.

Changing preferred practices or GPs is easy, and you’re not tied to one provider.

You can withdraw from MyMedicare at any time.

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