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Post COVID-19 Cough: What You Need to Know

Many people who’ve recovered from COVID-19 still experience symptoms, regardless of the disease’s severity. One of the most common lingering issues is a persistent cough. Let’s understand what post COVID-19 cough is, why it happens, and how it can be treated.

Post COVID-19 Cough

Post COVID-19 Cough Explained: Post COVID-19 cough is a lingering cough that persists even after you’ve recovered from the acute phase of the virus. It’s not uncommon, and it can affect people who had both mild and severe cases of COVID-19.

Why Does it Happen? Augmented cough reflex sensitivity is the culprit. Your body’s cough response becomes hypersensitive due to the virus’s effects on the nerves. This heightened sensitivity can lead to neuroinflammation and neuroimmunomodulation, which can trigger persistent coughing.

Treatment: To combat post COVID-19 cough, the goal is to suppress the cough reflex. Early on, simple measures like cough drops and staying hydrated may help. If these don’t work, inhaled corticosteroids can be tried to reduce airway inflammation.

Future Research: There’s ongoing research to develop better treatments. Various agents can provide relief, but for some, the cough remains stubborn.

Post COVID-19 cough is a common, persistent symptom. Understanding its causes and treatments can help those dealing with this lingering issue. Future research will likely bring more effective solutions for managing this challenging condition.

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