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Preparation for Iron infusion. What you need to know.

What exactly is an iron infusion?

It is a straightforward procedure in which iron-infused medicine is directly administered into the bloodstream, aiming to replenish iron levels in the body.

In 2017, one out of every fifty Australian women of reproductive age received intravenous iron treatment, a fivefold increase from 2013. Notably, 90% of these women were administered ferric carboxymaltose. However, the ideal frequency of intravenous iron therapy remains uncertain, and there is a lack of similar data from other countries.

What’s the deal with Ferric carboxymaltose (FCM)?

FCM, also recognized as FERINJECT®, is an intravenous (IV) iron solution typically used to address conditions such as iron deficiency anemia (IDA). It delivers iron in the form of ferric carboxymaltose.

When might I need an iron infusion?

You might consider an iron infusion if oral iron therapy isn’t suitable due to side effects or inefficiency. It’s also an option when iron levels are critically low and swift replenishment is necessary.

Are iron infusions safe?

Indeed, they are generally considered safe, especially with newer iron formulations like FCM. However, although side effects are less common nowadays, there’s still a slight risk.

What are the potential side effects of iron infusions?

While most patients experience minimal side effects, some may encounter headaches, nausea, flushing, taste alterations, itchiness, fever, or chills.

How should I prepare for an iron infusion?

No specific preparation is required, but it’s advisable to hydrate well before the procedure to facilitate vein location. The infusion itself typically lasts only 15-20 minutes.

Any post-infusion care tips?

Afterwards, monitor your health. If you experience notable symptoms like chest pain or breathing difficulties, promptly contact your doctor or seek assistance from an emergency department.

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