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Q: Why do I need STD checks? A: STD checks are important because sexually transmissible infections (STIs) can often be asymptomatic, meaning you may not notice any symptoms even if you are infected. Early detection of STIs through regular checks helps prevent transmission to others and minimizes potential complications, such as infertility.

Q: What is an STD check? A: An STD check is a medical examination and testing process to screen for sexually transmissible infections. It involves discussing your sexual history with a healthcare professional and may include tests for infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, C, and HIV. The tests usually involve urine or swab samples, and in some cases, blood tests.

Q: Where do I get an STD check? A: You can get an STD check at various healthcare settings, including your local general practice (GP), sexual health clinics, or specialized STI clinics. Many healthcare facilities offer confidential and non-judgmental testing services.

Q: Can my GP do an STD check for me? A: Yes, your GP can perform an STD check for you. They are trained to conduct sexual health consultations, take a sexual history, and order appropriate tests based on your risk factors. GPs are well-equipped to offer confidential and sensitive care, making them a suitable choice for STD testing and management.

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