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Rabies vaccination is an inactivated viral vaccine.

It is given to prevent rabies infection.

The vaccine stimulates the body’s immune response. It helps to develop antibodies against the rabies virus.

The vaccination is typically given in a series of doses. It is important to complete the full course of vaccination.

Rabies vaccination is recommended for high-risk individuals. This includes animal handlers, veterinarians, and travellers to endemic areas. The vaccine is also recommended for children living in rabies-endemic regions. It is crucial to educate children about avoiding animal contact. Even minor bites or scratches should be reported and evaluated.

Pre-exposure vaccination provides protection before potential exposure. It reduces the risk of developing rabies if bitten by an infected animal.

Travellers to rabies-endemic countries should consider vaccination. The vaccine can be administered at Mentone General Practice.

A GP can provide guidance on the need for vaccination. The vaccine is safe and effective in preventing rabies.

Remember, rabies is a serious and potentially fatal disease. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting vaccinated.

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