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Travel vax clinic at Mentone General Practice reviewed an article about the effectiveness of the Hep B vaccine. The article talks about a vaccine called Hep-B(Eng), which helps protect people from a dangerous virus called hepatitis B. This vaccine is given to adults, children, and babies to make their bodies strong against the virus. The vaccine is made using special technology and does not contain any live virus, so it cannot make anyone sick.

The vaccine is usually given in three doses over several months, and studies have shown that after getting the vaccine, almost everyone becomes immune to hepatitis B. This means their bodies can fight off the virus and stay safe from getting sick.

It’s been found that the vaccine works well for different groups of people. For example, it has been effective in protecting babies born to mothers who have hepatitis B. It also works well for healthcare workers who accidentally come into contact with the virus at work.

However, researchers are still studying how long the protection from the vaccine lasts. Some people may need a booster shot later on to stay protected. But for now, the vaccine seems like a good option to keep people safe from hepatitis B.

Overall, the article shows that the Hep-B(Eng) vaccine is a safe and effective way to prevent hepatitis B and keep people healthy.

Always consult with your GP about travel vaccines or any other health issues.

Reference: Adkins JC, Wagstaff AJ. Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine: a review of its immunogenicity and protective efficacy against hepatitis B. BioDrugs. 1998 Aug;10(2):137-58. doi: 10.2165/00063030-199810020-00005. PMID: 18020591.

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