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Understanding the Risk of Hepatitis A in Thailand: A Traveler’s Guide

Recent studies, including one published in Nature, reveal that by the time they reach 42 years, half of the Thai population tests positive for Hepatitis A virus (HAV), placing Thailand as the country with the fourth highest liver cancer rates globally, according to GLOBOCAN WHO: Liver 2020. The significant presence of Hepatitis A and B infections in the country largely drives this alarming statistic. If you catch Hepatitis A, your risk of developing liver cancer jumps by 2% each year.

How Hepatitis A Spreads in Thailand.

In Thailand, Hepatitis A finds its way to people mainly through contaminated food or water, a common issue across the country.

Dealing With Hepatitis A.

While there’s no specific treatment for Hepatitis A, other measures can often manage symptoms. However, in severe cases, the infection can lead to liver failure and, in about 1% of those cases, death.

Vaccination: Your Best Bet Against Hepatitis A.

The good news is that getting vaccinated is a highly effective way to protect yourself against Hepatitis A, with two doses usually sufficient for immunity. If Thailand is on your travel itinerary or you plan to visit other countries, look up the vaccinations recommended at least six weeks before your trip. Remember that it takes time for your body to build immunity after getting vaccinated.

Before you jet to Thailand, ensure you’re current with the Australian childhood immunisation schedule and getting shots for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Hepatitis B. Your exact vaccination needs might vary based on your travel plans and personal risk factors, so consider getting vaccinated for Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, and Rabies if your journey suggests those risks. Always consult a healthcare professional to tailor your vaccination plan.

Planning Your Vaccinations with Mentone General Practice.

Mentone General Practice offers a thorough Travel Vaccination program to help you prepare for your travels to Thailand and beyond. Our health professionals are here to advise and administer the vaccinations you’ll need for your trip. It’s crucial to book your consultation 6 to 8 weeks before you travel. If you or someone you know is gearing up for a gap year filled with extensive travel, getting all necessary vaccinations well in advance is strongly advised.

By understanding the risks and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure your trip to Thailand and other destinations is safe and enjoyable.

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