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Q: What does the haemoglobin test do?

A: It checks how much haemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen in the blood, you have.

Q: What can the test find?

A: It helps find out if you have anaemia (too few red blood cells) or polycythaemia (too many red blood cells).

Q: When do you usually get the haemoglobin test?

A: You might get it as part of a full blood count (FBC) for various reasons. Also, before surgery, especially if you might need a blood transfusion. And if you have ongoing bleeding issues, you might need it more than once.

Q: What do the results mean?

A: For adults, normal levels are around 135 to 175 grams per litre for men and 115 to 165 grams per litre for women. If it’s too high or too low, it could point to different health problems.

Q: What affects haemoglobin levels?

A: Your age, whether you’re male or female, and your ethnic background can influence the results. Also, haemoglobin levels change throughout the day, peaking in the morning and dropping at night.

Q: Anything else worth knowing?

A: Pregnant women have slightly lower levels. Smokers and people living in high places might have higher levels. Doing exercise doesn’t usually change haemoglobin levels, but being dehydrated might make them go up temporarily.

Q: How is low haemoglobin treated?

A: It depends on what’s causing it. You might need to take iron, folic acid, or vitamin supplements. Sometimes, people require iron infusions as a treatment.

Q: Who might have problems with haemoglobin levels?

A: Women who are having periods or are pregnant might see changes. And if you’re feeling tired a lot, dizzy, or have pale skin, it’s worth checking.

Q: Can eating well help haemoglobin levels?

A: Yes, eating lots of veggies and foods with iron can help keep haemoglobin levels healthy.

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