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Q: What types of health services are available in Melbourne’s Bayside area?

A: Melbourne’s Bayside area offers a wide range of health services, including dental care, mental health support, physiotherapy, podiatry, and more.

Q: What is the aim of CBCHS’s Dementia Support Service?

A: The aim of CBCHS’s Dementia Support Service is to provide specialized and practical support to individuals with cognitive decline or dementia, as well as their families and carers, in the community.

Q: What conditions are treated by CBCHS’s Child Development Services?

A: CBCHS’s Child Development Services treats children experiencing developmental delays or difficulties, including speech and language disorders, motor skill delays, and behavioural challenges.

Q: What does CBCHS’s Dental Service offer?

A: CBCHS’s Dental Service offers quality, low-cost dental care, including general check-ups, emergency dental care, and preventative services for both adults and children.

Q: What support does CBCHS’s Counselling & Psychology service provide?

A: CBCHS’s Counselling & Psychology service provides support to individuals facing various challenges in life, including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, and substance abuse.

Q: What does CBCHS’s Dietetics service focus on?

A: CBCHS’s Dietetics service focuses on providing evidence-based nutrition therapy to individuals seeking to improve their dietary habits and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Q: What does CBCHS’s Diabetes Education & Support program offer?

A: CBCHS’s Diabetes Education & Support program offers a range of services to help individuals manage diabetes effectively, including education, counselling, peer support, and referral to specialist services.

Q: What types of conditions are addressed by CBCHS’s Physiotherapy service?

A: CBCHS’s Physiotherapy service addresses a wide range of conditions affecting mobility and function, including pain, injuries, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Q: What does CBCHS’s Podiatry service focus on?

A: CBCHS’s Podiatry service focuses on providing specialized care for foot and lower limb problems, including skin and nail conditions, orthotics, and footwear advice.

Q: What support does CBCHS’s Alcohol & Other Drugs Program offer?

A: CBCHS’s Alcohol & Other Drugs Program offers a range of treatment and counselling services to individuals struggling with drug or alcohol-related issues, including assessment, counselling, and peer support.

Q: What types of conditions are addressed by CBCHS’s Hand Therapy service?

A: CBCHS’s Hand Therapy service addresses a variety of hand and upper limb problems, including fractures, sporting injuries, and arthritis, through education, splinting, and exercise programs.

Q: Where do I check for STDs in the Bayside area?

A: Mentone General Practice offers bulk billing STD checks in the Bayside area.

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